18 LED Black Light

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18 LED Powerful Black Light

Super bright UV LED black light, premium quality each blacklight is 18 x 3-Watt UV LEDs (395-400nm Wavelength, UVA), beam angle of 120 degrees, create black light effect with whites and neon colors, UV LED light up 20x20ft Glow in The Dark Party

Built-in 2 small cooling fans

Gohyo blacklights with 2 small cooling fans, aluminum alloy shell, strong heat dissipation capacity, but will bring about 50 decibels of noise, so it is not suitable for use in the bedroom or quiet place. It creates an amazing atmosphere during performances and parties, also suitable for body painting and fluorescent agents.

Remote Control Black Light

3 kinds of light brightness (Low,Normal, High), 4 lighting modes (Auto,Flash,Sound,On), Speed (Slow-Fast), Sensitive to sound (Low-High), you can use the remote control to adjust the lights in different modes, speed and sensitive to the sound to meet the needs of the glow party.

Safe Black Lights Bar

UV-A level / 395-400nm, no harm to the human body, safer than 365nm and 385-390nm blacklights. 3.4ft power cord, lightweight and portable unit, setup easily. The super long life of UV LED is better than any traditional florescent black light tube and fixture.

Wide Application

Perfect for UV body paints and fluorescent poster and painting display. Just mounted in gym, studio, club, churches, wedding or birthday party, disco, KTV, ect.(Note:The sound is about 50 decibels during cooling operation, we recommend using it in lively scenes)

Warranty Policy

We provide a one-year warranty for Gohyo 18 LED Black Light. Please note that man-made problems are not counted in the scope of maintenance.

Features and Specifications

Wattage:3 watts
Item Weight:1.26 Pounds
Light Type:LED