Gohyo Star Projector | FAQs

How to use?

1. Indoor use, projecting in the sky direction.

2. How to use the light projector, as shown below.

3. Connect Bluetooth "BTK10" of the smart phone to play music.

4. Use correct method of the remote control to make sure the remote control is pointing at the infrared sensor.

Can you choose a color other than red blue or green to display and keep on?

I can pick the color I want and even mix them up there’s 5 colors but you can fusion them and get 5 other variations, by using the remote control, make sure you follow the instructions.

Can I use it as night light?

Yes, although it is VERY bright. I can use the dark blue setting and sleep.

Do I have to plug it up in order for it to work?

Yes, it must be plugged in to an outlet. It does not take batteries.

How do you get it into starlight mode instead of ocean wave?

You can have them at the same time, you don’t need to choose one or the other. The stars come on automatically but if not, you can press the second button from the top on the remote and it will turn the stars on.