Gohyo 9 LED Black Light | FAQs

How long is the warranty?

We provide a one-year warranty and 30-day free returns. We also provide accessories for replacements. We provide an additional 90-day warranty after each repair. Please note that man-made problems are not counted in the scope of maintenance.

Why doesn't the lightbulb light up after I turn the switch on?

Please note that the light will turn on after it's connected. Make sure that the switch is well connected to the light.

Why is my light not bright enough?

Please note that this black light isn't supposed to light up your whole room with a purple glow or provide ambient lighting. It is designed to light up fluorescent objects while keeping the rest of the room fairly dark. It can provide a better backlight effect in areas that are dark without other light sources affecting it.

What should I do if my item is delivered but some parts are missing?

Please contact us at support@gohyo.com with your order number.